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Terminations and Adoptions

The Texas Family Code clearly spells out the ways in which parental rights, privileges and duties may be forfeited by the act of the parent, giving rise to a court action for termination of parent’s rights. While most termination cases are brought by the State of Texas through Child Protective Services, such suits may also be brought by private individuals. If the parent has engaged in drug use, abuse, abandonment, or other actions or omissions by a parent that “endangers the physical or emotional development of a child”, and if termination is in the child’s best interest, a court or jury may terminate a parent’s rights.


When my ex- husband filed for divorce and filed for sole custody I felt lost in the legal world. Thanks to the Lord, I found Mary. She fought for me every day. It was a painful and difficult process to divorce and fight for custody but Mary made it easier. She told me exactly what to do and never gave up when things got hard. I love this woman, she's simply the best. Legal Services
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Throughout a 2yr custody battle for primary residence of my stepdaughter, Mary was very prompt, precise and patient in working with us even through the loss of her husband. She was very much involved in every step of the way, even helping us see positive when we'd hear so much negative. Mary stands for what she believes is the best interest and fights even harder. I would most definitely recommend Mary to anyone else needing help, she will stick with you and fight it out. Legal Services
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When your hope is fading, but you still feel righteous and ready to stand up for yourself and your family, Mary McKnight is the one who will be by your side no matter what. Mary McKnight is superb in all areas you can wish for your attorney to be. She is exceptionally knowledgeable, outstanding in the courtroom with her quick and pointed responses, very sensible, wise, and, most importantly, brave. Nobody can intimidate her in the courtroom! Legal Services
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